Strength and Conditioning

At Health focus we look into more then just developing our athletes in strength and performance to help take their performance to the next level.

Our Strength and Conditioning is specifically developed to match an athletes needs, incorporating assessing functional motor control patterns, range of movement, loading phases, plyometrics and sports-specific biomechanics.

We utilise thorough movement analysis testing to determine any injures and highlight any areas of concern. With these methods, we utilise a holistic, scientific backed approach to develop an individualised program to minimise risk of injury and maximise performance for each athlete individual, which can sometimes be overlooked within team strength and conditioning programs.

With many sports-specific strength and conditioning program, often this can help improve and develop an athlete but also do nothing to minimise risk of injury due to always focusing on larger muscle groups. At Health Focus, we understand the need to balance this with stability and mobility exercises for injury prevention and promote longevity in sport.

We discuss with athletes and coaches exactly what they want to achieve and plan macro- and micro-cycle programs to help them reach their goals. We know that communication with clubs and coaches is key to getting the best results and we value working closely with all those involved with the club or team.